Albertson, NC
Food Pantries

Food pantries give free food to local residents. There are 53 food pantries in the Albertson area.

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Albertson , NC 28508

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Services: is a free web service that allows users in Albertson, NC to print coupons for savings on brand name food and general purpose items they use every day. Coupons can be printed on your computer and redeemed at any local grocery store. This service stretches a family's food budget with real savings; making your food dollar go farther. There is no fee for this service and no registration is necessary.

Requires internet connection and printer.

Additional Services:
Reduced cost food in Albertson , NC.

Area Served:
Albertson , NC

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Area Churches in Action

13 Miles Away

104 S. Center Street
Mount Olive, NC 28365
(919) 658-0942

Services and/or assistance offered: Rent, Utilities, fuel for heating, pharmacy, groceries, food pantry, other services approved by 2 Board Members

Thrift Shop Hours:
Monday - 10:00am - 11:00am
Thursday & Friday - 1:00pm -2:00pm

Food Pantry Hours:
Tuesday-Friday - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

May not have received services within 2 years.
Food Pantry - once every 6 months unless special circumstances
Medication may receive more frequent help depending on circumstances
Area served limited to Mount Olive, Dudley, Seven Springs, Calypso, Faison

Documents To Bring:
Phone Interview (Persoanl interview at discrection of ACIA)

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St. Mark Church Ministries

19 Miles Away

1009 East Bright Street
Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 523-0871

Organization will help provide food and clothing for those in need.

Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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New Zion AME Food Pantry

19 Miles Away

Robbins, NC
Kinston, NC
(910) 673-2542

Call for distribution dates.

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New Vision Outreach Worship Center

19 Miles Away

1500 West New Bern Road
Kinston, NC 28504
(252) 523-0303

Ministry that provides food, clothing, help with medication assistance

Saturday, 7:00 p.m.;
Sunday, 10:00 a.m.;
Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.; available to assist as needed

Documents To Bring:
Contact Melinda Scott at 252-522-7008 or 252-522-2120

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New Beginnings Outreach

19 Miles Away

518 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 525-9512

Outreach for individuals not in homeless shelter providing food, clothes, and appliances Transitional House for single women only.

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Inter-Church Out-Reach - Kinston

19 Miles Away

Corner of Peyton & McLewean Street
Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 522-4357

A united effort of Kinston area churches to reach out to touch other people who have a need Assist people who find themselves in an emergency or crisis situation and do not qualify for public assistance Volunteer organization helps with rent, utility bills, Rx (intended for one-time Rx need), limited transportation and also provides food from pantry Financial assistance limited to $100 per 12 month period Provides Christian counseling and referrals to other resources to solve the crisis.

Monday-Thursday, 1:00pm-4:00pm; Should arrive before 2:30 p.m. to be seen the same day.

Candidates must have a written referral from any church, social agency, hospital, Red Cross, Salvation Army, home health, behavioral health or mental health program office, Local Management Entity (LME) or Lenoir Department of Social Services; Applicants must bring: VALID NC picture ID, with Lenoir County address matching the written referral address, and the current bill for which applicant is seeking assistance

Documents To Bring:
Must be a Lenoir County resident.
Referral partners are encouraged to contact agency directly, prior to facilitating a written referral to ensure citizen is indeed eligible for services; Candidates for program should plan to arrive by 1:00pm on the correct day with all required paperwork; Agency can only process approximately 6 individuals per day; Candidates must be in the office no later than 2:30pm during business hours to receive an intake interview that day! No child care service is available in the agency; Handicapped citizens seeking services should call ahead for additional guidance to easily access agency; citizens who are unable to read, write, or have sight/hearing impairments can obtain assistance from agency volunteers to fill out paperwork

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Greater Victory Apostolic Church

19 Miles Away

Highway 258 and Allen Road
Kinston, NC 28502
(252) 523-7867

Runs the Greater Victory Food Pantry

Tuesday - Thursday, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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United Church Ministries of Wayne County, Inc.

19 Miles Away

119 West Walnut Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(919) 734-0480

Cooperative inter-denominational organization that serves people in need.

Services/Programs: Financial assistance as money is available; Food pantry for distribution; Public restroom; Referral to and coordination with community resources to meet needs.

Monday - Friday, 10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.

Unforeseen emergency/crisis situations for legitimate needs

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Society of St. Vincent de Paul

19 Miles Away

1000 N. Jefferson Avenue
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(919) 734-5033

Provides assistance, with proper ducumentation, in paying utility bills (water, electric, natural gas, propane); rent; prescription medicine as funds are avaialable.

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Salvation Army - Food Assistance

19 Miles Away

610 N. William Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(919) 735-4811

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To disseminate Christian truths, supply basic human necessities, provide personal counseling, and to undertake the moral regeneration and physical rehabilitation of all persons in need who come within the sphere of influence. Also, to give human services, provide food, shelter, clothing, utilities, rent, and emergency shelter for transient and homeless individuals.

Services/Programs: Family counseling services; Thrift store; Youth program, free summer camp

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Documents To Bring:
Clients needing food assistance are required to obtain a referral from the Food Stamp office.

When DSS has CIP Funds (Crisis Intervention Program) we require clients seeking utility assistance to contact DSS first as they receive a large amount of funding for utilities through the CIP program. We want to make sure that clients utilize this program before coming to us. We do not send clients to DSS if we know that there are no CIP funds

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