Alpaugh, CA
Child Care

Free diapers, clothing, formula plus free and reduced cost daycare services for children of families in need. There are 6 child care programs in the Alpaugh, California area.

1 Miles Away

Alpaugh , CA 93201

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Services: is a safe and trusted conduit that offers families and care providers in Alpaugh , CA a chance to easily connect, share care giving experiences, and get advice. The company addresses the different care needs a family may go through the life cycle; be it child care, special needs care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more. The service enables families to find and select the best care possible based on detailed profiles, background checks, and references for hundreds of thousands of mom and families.

Additional Services:
Low and reduced cost childcare in Alpaugh , CA.

Area Served:
Alpaugh , CA

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St. Brigid's Catholic Church

28 Miles Away

200 East Florinda Street
Hanford, CA 93230
(559) 582-2533

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St. Brigid Catholic Church provides official referrals to St. Vincent De Paul for an individual to receive diapers and feminine hygiene products.

Hanford or Armona resident

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First 5 Kings County

28 Miles Away

315 West Lacey Boulevard
Hanford, CA 93230
(559) 585-6955

Provides parents that participate in First 5 services incentives to purchase baby supplies. Parents receive $1.00 (baby buck) for each class they attend If they receive a developmental asessment, then they get $5.00 (baby bucks). Items available: baby clothes, diapers, toys, shoes, books, wipes, bath supplies etc.

Open Tuesday through Friday with alternative Saturdays. Please see monthly calendar for details.

Must be a parent of a child aged 0-5, and be enrolled in First 5 services

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Kettleman City Family Resource Center

30 Miles Away

75 5th Street
Kettleman City, CA 93239
(559) 386-1693

Provides baby provisions

Mon - Fri 9am-6pm

Families with children 0-5 years old

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Lemoore Christian Aid

34 Miles Away

224 North Lemoore Avenue
Lemoore, CA 93245
(559) 924-2229

Lemoore Christian Aid provides clothes, grooming supplies, and small appliances to those in need. Items based on availability.

Kings County and Huron residents will be helped every 60 days, Hanford residents will be helped once a year.

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Avenal Family Connection

35 Miles Away

1000 Union Avenue
Avenal, CA 93204
(559) 386-9558

Provides some emergency needs items and referral to local emergency food pantry and clothing distributions

children and parents of 0-5 years old

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