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Free diapers, clothing, formula plus free and reduced cost daycare services for children of families in need. There are 1 child care programs in the Augusta, Kansas area.

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Requests For Help

Wichita, KS: 21 miles away
Posted: August 17, 2018

Needing help with Resources. Ready to learn, grow, mature, educate......

Arkansas City, KS: 44 miles away
Posted: August 17, 2018

I am writing for a young lady needing help. Her mother drug her into a situation which cost her. She is in counseling and this extra financial stress is putting her in a bad way. If anyone can help w...

Hutchinson, KS: 58 miles away
Posted: August 17, 2018

hi my name is Natasha I am 27 and I am married to my husband Zach who is 28 and we have two beautiful little kids name Layla and riley , Layla is 2 and riley just turned one this may and we have a god...

Cherryvale, KS: 83 miles away
Posted: August 17, 2018

My husband has lost his job and we have been without an income for an entire month now. Unfortunately we had no savings yet. We have been fortunate enough to have a couple of churches and family membe...

Cleveland, OK: 101 miles away
Posted: August 17, 2018

My boyfriend lost his father and getting back on our feet is seeming impossible :(...

You can also use our website to request help from anonymous donors who browse our site and receive donations via PayPal. Post your story and get help