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Child Care

Free diapers, clothing, formula plus free and reduced cost daycare services for children of families in need. There are 11 child care programs in the Aurora, Colorado area.

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Aurora , CO 80010

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Services: is a safe and trusted conduit that offers families and care providers in Aurora , CO a chance to easily connect, share care giving experiences, and get advice. The company addresses the different care needs a family may go through the life cycle; be it child care, special needs care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more. The service enables families to find and select the best care possible based on detailed profiles, background checks, and references for hundreds of thousands of mom and families.

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Low and reduced cost childcare in Aurora , CO.

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Aurora , CO

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Denver Urban Ministries

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1717 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 991-3977

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Denver Urban Ministries -,

Legal clinic is every other Tuesday 11:30AM - 3:30 PM.

Low-income, at-risk, or homeless persons. For rental assistance persons must live in Denver city and county. For utility assistance persons must live in Colorado, have been given a shut off notice, and been denied LEAP assistance. Food assistance can be accessed six times a year, with thirty days in between. Adults Teens Children Families Females Males

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Denver Department Of Human Services

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1200 Federal Boulevard
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 944-3666

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Denver Department of Human Services: General Assistance, Homelessness, Transitional Housing - This division covers a range of services for persons who are experiencing homelessness, or at-risk of homelessness. Available services include: Eviction Assistance: This assistance is available to individuals and families whose income is at or below 125% of the federal poverty level and who can demonstrate an emergency that has prevented them from being able to pay rent. They must provide a three-day-demand notice, a Writ of Restitution or notice of a court hearing, a lease or rent agreement, and must verify their income is sufficient to pay rent in subsequent months. A photo I.D. and Social Security number is also required. The applicant must have lived in his or her current housing for six months or more, or in a Denver shelter for 30 days or more (for first month's rental assistance), and must not be paying more than 75% of their current income for housing. Eviction assistance is not available for deposits or late fees Respite Care/Room & Board: This assistance is available to single individuals who are homeless and who verify, through a physician's statement, a need for 24-hour rest or respite care. A photo I.D. and Social Security number is also required Emergency Housing: This assistance is available to homeless families who have been in Denver 30 days or more and who have applied for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Housing is available in one of four public housing projects for up to 90 days if the family will work towards regaining self-sufficiency and cooperate with case management services provided through Family HomeStead. A photo I.D., Social Security number, birth certificates and adequate police clearance record are required Emergency Overnight Shelter: This assistance is available to families, single women, and the elderly when all of the city's emergency shelter beds are full. It is not available for single, able-bodied men, as adequate shelter exists for this population. A photo I.D. and Social Security number is required Emergency Food: King Soopers vouchers and McDonalds coupons are available for those individuals whose food stamps have not been processed timely and/or at their case manager's discretion Transportation: This assistance is available upon the discretion of the case manager through bus tokens and cab vouchers Personal Needs: Personal hygiene supplies are available for the homeless through the General Assistance unit at the case manager's discretion Moving and Storage: Available on a case-by-case basis for individuals who have been evicted or who are victims of domestic violence Miscellaneous Needs: King Soopers coupons are available for food, diapers, prescriptions, over- the-counter drugs and other items (except beer and cigarettes) upon the case manager's discretion. (Note: Food stamp benefits cannot be duplicated.)

Applications are taken Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. ,, 3:00 p.m. Working singles and families may apply during extended hours, which are Tuesday/Thursday, 4:30 p.m. - 6:00, and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. ,, 11 a.m.

Persons who are experiencing homelessness or may be at risk of homelessness.

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Denver Area Youth Services

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688 Bryant St
Denver, CO 80207
(303) 698-2300

The Denver Area Youth Services Day Treatment Program This service is licensed as a Day Treatment Facility by the State of Colorado and is a Colorado Department of Education (CDE) approved eligible facility school. The Bryant St. Academy serves students between the ages of 16 and 21 by providing the necessary knowledge and experience for successful transition into adulthood and independence through GED preparation, accrual of seat hours toward transitioning back to public school, and a focus on post-secondary opportunities. All students attending the Academy receive a comprehensive service package which includes evidence-based curriculum for education, transition, life skills, and social emotional development.The Bryant St. Academy has been designated as an official Positive Behavior Support (PBS) facility. Therapeutic services are provided to all students and include; individual, family, group, substance abuse and transition. The Bryant St. Academy's commitment to our students is based on transition philosophy. All aspects of the program center on what the student needs to be successful after leaving the program. From the point of intake we consider ourselves to be the link between where the student was referred from and where they are going. This includes continued education, job placement, relationship building, family services, increased self-efficacy and the decreasing of barriers to success.The Academy is committed to allowing our students to experience success by providing opportunities to practice skills in a safe environment including the community through preparing students to pursue post-secondary opportunities and our job readiness workshops. All of our teachers are licensed Special Educators, and the staff at the Bryant St. Academy are qualified professionals who are committed to providing evidence-based approaches and methodology to adolescents in a strength-based, youth-centered day treatment environment. The Academy is located at 688 Bryant St. bryant street academy, alternative schooling, young adult, teen, at-risk youth, special education, substance abuse services, therapy, counseling(303) 302-3297(303) 302-3519http://denveryouth.orgCHILL Snowboarding Experiential snowboarding program for inner-city youth Burton Snowboard Company targets inner-city youth by integrating snowboarding experiences with the challenges of everyday life into a program called CHILL. Enrolled youth are chaperoned up to local ski areas for six weeks of instruction. Weekly themes focus on the challenging aspects on physical and mental activities. The various themes are introduced to provide focus on achieving skills desired to snowboard and to build athleticism: Patience, Persistence, Respect, Courage, Responsibility, and Pride. Measures for impact of change will be evaluated in accordance with educational sessions.GED Programs for Local Denver Communities The GED program provides the opportunity for residents of Sun Valley and Platte Valley communities to obtain their educational diploma. Classes are offered weekly at each site. This program is self-paced and focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses for the five required sections of GED. Classes offer pre/post testing to ensure the building of skills for each of the GED sections. Official GED testing is coordinated with Denver Housing Authority. Nurturing Young Fathers Young father support Denver Area Youth Services provides a 13-week program utilizing the Nurturing Fathers curriculum. We target teen-age fathers and fathers under the age of 24 years of age. The Nurturing Young Fathers Program also provides activities and follow-through projects, meals at every class session, diapers, emergency food supplies, blankets, formula, etc. The Nurturing Young Fathers Program also assists and supports the participant in the process of child support issues, visitations, and joint custody court matters. PATHS and PATHS Transitional ServicesPATHS is a funded program aimed to reduce the number of youth in the detention center by providing comprehensive services to youth and their family involved in the juvenile justice system in the 17th Judicial District. PATHS has qualified, diverse and bi-lingual staff to provide the following services to each client and their family; electronic-home-monitoring, drug and alcohol, individual and family therapy, urinalysis testing, recreational activities, mentors, community service, as well as educational and employment support.The PATHS Transitional Services Program for DYC Parolees offers more than a menu of services to our young clients. We provide the quality individuals who are behind the services. Upon parole, the PATHS Case Manager is probably the most available and is possibly the

Contact for the clinic for more information about hours.

May be income or other critieria. Contact DAYS for more information.

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Catholic Charities Archdiocese Of Denver

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4045 Pecos Street
Denver, CO
(303) 742-0823

Catholic Charities Immigration Services has provided immigration assistance, on a non-denominational basis, to low-income and indigent immigrants throughout the state of Colorado since 1974. We are a Board of Immigration Appeals accredited organization. Our staff is bilingual in Spanish and has over 25 years of experience in immigration law. Consultations are offered on walk in basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays clients are only seen by appointment. The fee in the Denver Area is $35.

Varies, according to program.

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Birthline Of Colorado Inc.

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2346 Gilpin Street
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 506-1406

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The main purpose of Birthline is to provide girls and women with free, confidential, loving, and caring help, that enables them to carry their unborn babies to term. Birthline offers a true alternative to choosing abortion, by offering them help for as long as they may need it.Birthline provides free confidential services: Pregnancy Testing, Pregnancy choice counseling(abortion alternatives), Maternity Clothes, Baby clothes, formula, diapers, and more, Referrals to various community assistance programs for professional, medical, financial, parenting, adoption counseling and/or other services, Speakers bureau available for youth groups, middle & high schools.

Referral Clients only, Monday, Thursday and Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. (to receive assistance, must show up before 1:30 p.m.)

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Colorado Family Life Center

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1072 Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80011
(303) 366-1072

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We are a faith-based nonprofit ministry who reaches out to single moms and dads, couples, teens and their families with classes designed to help parents in their journey through pregnancy and parenthood.CFLC assists both mothers and fathers through pregnancy and parenthood through free classes, supplies, and support. We want you to be ready to face life's challenges and come out on top. Free Classes: available in the areas of pregnancy, parenting, finances, and relationships. Call 303-366-1072 to schedule your first appointment. Both daytime and evening classes are available. Free Supplies: each time you complete a class, you will earn Mommy Money or Daddy Dollars to purchase items in our boutique. We offer diapers, wet wipes, formula, clothing (infant to 3T), strollers, toys, books, and more.Free Support: whatever your situation, we want to be there for you. Every day, we strive to make our center a safe and comfortable place for you to rest, share, learn, and find support to overcome life's challenges.

Appointment Hours.

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Hope House Of Colorado

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Westminster, CO
(303) 429-1012

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The vision for Hope House came through the founders' work with teenage moms in a Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) support group. Lisa Steven and Amie Walton, who had both been teen mothers themselves, found that most of the girls they worked with had very unstable home lives. Many had alcohol or drug addicted parents. Some were homeless, and almost all had been abused in some way as a child. Searches for resources, especially housing, were frustrating. Most providers were

Residential Program is run 24 hours.

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Growing Home

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3489 W. 72nd Avenue
Westminster, CO 80030
(303) 426-0430

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Interfaith family shelter provides a 2 month emergency shelter to families with children experiencing homelessness, no geographical restrictions. Homeless prevention services provide rent/mortgage assistance for Adams County families with children with stable income. Food pantry available once per month, open 10-12 daily. 16 affordable housing units (1 and 2 BR) rented below market rate. 4 transitional housing slots for families who are currently homeless or in danger of becoming homeless and pursuing higher education. Children's programs include Parents as Teachers home educators for babies 0-3 and an after-school program in two nearby elementary schools for K-2nd graders.Programs at Growing Home include:Helping Children Succeed-Parents as Teachers and Sprouts After School.Feeding FamiliesGrowing Home provides a 3-day emergency food box to approximately 500 families each month. We strive to offer nutritionally sound food options through a client choice model. Families receive hygiene items and diapers as needed. The food pantry is open10 a.m.-12 p.m. seven days a week and offers community resources referrals. Growing Home volunteers and families tend a small community garden. Growing Home partners with professional chefs from Cooking Matters to offer classes that teach how to prepare balanced snacks and cook healthy meals on a budget.Housing the Homeless-Interfaith Family Shelter We shelter children and their families and assist their move out of crisis. Using the Interfaith Hospitality Network Model, families stay in shelter for up to two months. Volunteers cook all the meals and

9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. M-F; 10am-12pm Sat-Sun

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Douglas Elbert County Task Force

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1638 Park Street
Castle Rock, CO 80109
(303) 688-1114

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Douglas/Elbert County Task Force Bank: Food Bank Douglas/Elbert County Task Force provides food and toiletries for residents of Douglas and Elbert counties including: children's diapers, sanitary supplies for women and seniors, and personal hygiene kits for the homeless. They often have pet food, laundry and other cleaning supplies, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Clients may use the Food Bank every 30 days, and receive between 3.5 and 5 days worth of food (depending on Food Bank stock), three meals per day plus snacks, for each family member. Adults Teens Children Families

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Mountain Resource Center

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11030 Kitty Drive
Conifer, CO 80433
(303) 838-7552

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Mountain Resource Center is a community-based nonprofit organization and a member of the Colorado Family Resource Center Association. Through a dedicated, highly qualified staff and over 400 volunteers, the Center is able to provide unduplicated, essential health and human services to more than a dozen communities in a 1,000 square mile service area. Working in partnership with local businesses, private and public agencies, churches and individual volunteers, the Center is a single point of entry for a broad range of services which include: family crisis assistance, health care and health education, domestic violence intervention, early childhood education, life skills classes, youth services and community disaster relief. The menu of programs at MRC include:Disaster Response Resouces Services include:* Crisis assistance for first responders and victims of disasters* Partnerships with community, civic, governmental, and other helping resources providing disaster relief* Active participation with Mountain Communities Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (MCVOAD)Contact 303-838-7552 x 25 for more information.Emergency Support and Assistance With the help of volunteer Family Advocates, individuals and families receive support and a

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