Babson Park, MA
Food Pantries

Food pantries give free food to local residents. There are 93 food pantries in the Babson Park area.

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Babson Park , MA 2457

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Services: is a free web service that allows users in Babson Park, MA to print coupons for savings on brand name food and general purpose items they use every day. Coupons can be printed on your computer and redeemed at any local grocery store. This service stretches a family's food budget with real savings; making your food dollar go farther. There is no fee for this service and no registration is necessary.

Requires internet connection and printer.

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Reduced cost food in Babson Park , MA.

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Babson Park , MA

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Needham Community Council Inc

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570 Hillside Avenue
Needham Heights, MA 02494
(781) 444-2415

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The Needham Community Council is a private non-profit organization which supports people in Needham who have under-met health, educational or social needs and promotes volunteerism, community and a sense of shared responsibility.

Volunteer Drivers offer rides to medical appointments in and around the Needham, MA are. A handicapped-accessible van provides transportation to shopping, the Library, the Senior Center, etc. within Needham to residentsProgram:Food PantryBudget: NaNCategory: Food, Agriculture & NutritionPopulation Served: Other Named Groups Program Description: Program:Child Assault Prevention ProgramBudget: NaNCategory: EducationPopulation Served: Children Only (5 - 14 years) Program Description: Volunteer trainers offer programs to Needham elementary students to help keep them "safe, strong and free".Program:English as a 2nd Language TutoringBudget: NaNCategory: EducationPopulation Served: Immigrants/Newcomers/Refugees Program Description: Volunteer tutors provide one-on-one and conversation ESL groups to residents and workers within Needham.Program:Volunteer OpportunitiesBudget: NaNCategory: General CodePopulation Served: General Public/Unspecified Program Description: They provide many different volunteer opportunities for residents of all ages.

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Communitywide Charities Incorporated

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705 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
(617) 828-5777

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"Their mission is to lighten-up people’s lives in practical ways and to spread smiles around the globe." To achieve this mission, Communitywide Charities have develop programs that promote the wellness and sustenance of poor children, poor disable youths, and epilepsy patients in their world communities.

The Free Diapers-For-Babies program is designed to address the skin care and health concerns of poor new mothers and their babies in the United States. The greatest concern for parents is to keep their baby?s skin dry, healthy and free from diaper rash. Many things can cause diaper rash. Prolonged wetness, lack of air circulation, soap, chemical and dye allergies, ammonia formed by bacteria that interacts with urine left sitting against the skin and the growth of microbes in the diaper area can all be irritating and cause rashes. That is why they came up with the Free-Diapers-For-Babies program to address this need and they plan to donate disposable diapers to 5,000 Babies each year.Program:Wheel-Chair For DisablesBudget: $250,000Category: Human ServicesPopulation Served: Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.) Program Description: Millions of disable youths in third-world countries, especially in Africa are deprive of their freedom and mobility. Travel through the continent of Africa , and you will see thousands of disable young people crawling the streets among heavy automobile traffics. Governments authorities in those countries did not make enough provisions for the disables to give them Wheel-Chairs and their families cannot afford to by them one. The situation is terrible and need to be addressed right away by charitable organizations like ours.

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The Greater Boston Food Bank, Inc.

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70 South Bay Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 427-5200

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To end hunger in eastern Massachusetts.

The Greater Boston Food Bank plays a unique role in the fight to end hunger by efficiently sourcing and distributing more than 37 million pounds of food and grocery products to nearly 550 member hunger-relief agencies serving more than 545,000 people every year.  They provide life-changing sustenance for one in nine residents of the nine counties of eastern Massachusetts.  They work tirelessly to ensure that the food they distribute is as nutritious as possible to enable those in need to lead healthy, productive lives.  They also engage members of their community to find their role in helping end hunger here, whether it be by giving money, food, time, or some combination of the three.

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Family-to-family Project Inc

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14 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 624-3837

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The Family-to-Family Project (FTFP) mission is to aid families who are losing or have lost their homes. Timely, innovative and flexible grants help families to restore hope and to find and keep housing. FTFP is the only program of its kind in the greater Boston area a lifeline for families that offers flexible, innovative solutions to immediate needs.

Grants from the Family-to-Family Project are made for the express purpose of assisting homeless families to move out of shelter into permanent housing or to remain in their homes. Family-to-Family grants are to be considered when all other sources of funding have been explored. The Project requires that at least one caseworker work with a family to determine needs, assisting with exploring all other possible funding resources. Grants are given for a range of needs, determined to ensure stabilization and long-term sustainability of housing. FTF is the only program of its kind in the greater Boston area a lifeline for families that offers flexible, innovative solutions to immediate needs.

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Gaining Ground, Inc.

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PO Box 374
Concord, MA 01742
(978) 610-6086

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Gaining Ground grows organic produce for hunger relief with help from volunteers of all ages and abilities, who work and learn in their gardens.

Gaining Ground grows organic vegetables and fruit on 9 acres of historic farmland in Concord, MA, and gives away all of this produce to area food pantries and meal programs.

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Mass Appeal International

15 Miles Away

18 Acorn St
Malden, MA 02148
(781) 321-0406

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Mass Appeal International is a federally designated charity, whose mission is to help individuals, and families that find themselves in the wake of disaster, be it act of man or nature. They also help individuals that face economic and physical barriers.

Mass Appeal International?s programs include but are not limited to: Public Health Education Campaign, advocacy, referrals, and educational workshops dedicated to eliminating disparities in Health Care. Voter Education Campaign, dedicated to registering and educating citizens about the voting process. Rapid Response Program makes referrals, and provides aid to families in crisis. Senior Bostonian Collaborative, intergenerational social programs for low- income seniors, incorporating art therapy. The Youth Ambassador Global Education program empowers high risk urban youth by engaging them in community service, media production, travel, the arts and culture. Participants represent their community in the National Peace Conference held at the United Nations Headquarters. Participants become affiliates of the United Nations as Youth Ambassadors through this program. Cross- Cultural Communication seminars focus on the rules, roles, and relationships of identity in America. Engages participants in an authentic multicultural dialog about American Culture and the American melting pot theory. Their JAZZ (Justice Administered from Zero to Zenith) program is a language arts forum that celebrates the archetypal tradition of oral history, jazz poetry, public oration, rhyme and prose and the power of the written word. This forum examines ancient and contemporary writers and orators pulling on classic Egyptian, European and American works that design modern society.

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Charity Guild, Inc.

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PO Box 2372
Brockton, MA 02305
(781) 784-1928

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The official mission of The Charity Guild is to provide basic and necessary services to those unable to meet their primary needs of food, clothing and household goods.

Their Emergency Food Pantry provides food and personal care items (when available) to those in emergency need of food.Program:Emergency Clothing and Household GoodsBudget: NaNCategory: Population Served: Program Description: This program provides free clothing and household goods from their Thrift Shop to those who are homeless, victims of domestic violence and in shelters with their children, and/or victims of fire or other disasters.Program:Project UndercoverBudget: NaNCategory: Population Served: Program Description: This program provides new under garments, socks, and diapers to babies, children, and adults.Program:Special Food for Special PeopleBudget: NaNCategory: Population Served: Program Description: This program is designed to respond to the growing number of elderly who are in need of emergency food from their pantry but also have dietary limitations due to high blood pressure or diabetes. This program also provides nutritious foods for children under age 12. Healthy food items for the eldery and children can be cost prohibitive for those with very limited income.

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Gathering Change

20 Miles Away

P.O. Box 1104
Lynnfield, MA 01940
(617) 429-0517

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Gathering Change, Inc. is a charitable organization that collects spare change from their homes, schools, faith communities and businesses. Their mission is to meet the immediate basic needs of citizens within their cities and towns who cannot achieve this goal alone. The funds are distributed back into their local food pantries and social programs.

Gathering Change will be supporting already established social organizations within their towns that have been created for charitable purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

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Community Harvest Project, Inc.

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37 Wheeler Rd
North Grafton, MA 01536

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At Community Harvest Project farms, local communities come together as volunteers to grow high quality produce for local food banks. Through this work they provide opportunities for people to learn and experience the value of agriculture and community service while helping their neighbors.

The Brigham Hill Community Farm in North Grafton, MA, delivers between 25,000 and 40,000 lbs. of vegetables annually to the Worcester County Food Bank.

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Wachusett Health Education Action Team, Inc.

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27 High St.
Clinton, MA 01510
(978) 365-6349

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Since 1982, WHEAT has been helping low-moderate individuals and families in times of crisis through emergency funding, food, housing, clothing, and other household and family needs. They have recently shifted focus to helping families become financially independent and break out of their current situations through education and opportunities.

Their programs serviced over 4500 individuals last year, through initiatives such as a food pantry referrals, transportation, low/no-cost goods, job training, computer and Internet access, a community garden project, Thanksgiving and Christmas giving programs and youth mentoring and leadership development initiatives.

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