Baldwin City, KS
Food Pantries

Food pantries give free food to local residents. There are 3 food pantries in the Baldwin City area.

First Hand Foundation

41 Miles Away

2800 Rockcreek Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64117

(816) 201-1569

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First Hand Foundation provides assistance for children 18 years of age or younger with a health related need that insurance does not cover. Types of expenses that we help with are treatment, travel, food and lodgeing. Types of expenses we do not help with are deductibles, co-pays, past medical expenes/bills or the portion of payments that insurance does not cover. All applicants must meet age and income guidelines to qualify for assistance. 

children 18 years of age or younger that fall within established income guidelines

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Church On The Rock Outreach Center

47 Miles Away

1700 Sw Market St
Lees Summit, MO 64082

(816) 246-7625

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The Rock Outreach Program of Greater Kansas City (their compassion ministries arm of the church) supplies food and clothing to families in need.

1. Church on the Rock Outreach Center has 400-450 members who work together to reach out to others in the community. 2. The Rock Outreach Program of Greater Kansas City has 30-40 volunteers who serve 150 families each month, distributing food; biannually, they distribute clothing to those same 150 families.

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Requests For Help

Belton, MO: 38 miles away
Posted: August 14, 2018

I'm new to Belton Mo. I've been living here for about 4 months now. I love it. I have five kids. 2 school age. They enjoy there new schools alot. My oldest is in 3rd grade and he is Autistic. He reall...

Belton, MO: 38 miles away
Posted: August 14, 2018

I have 3 kids my husband has been coming and going but is mostly gone now. I had worked an odd job setting up an estate sale that check bounced the questionable roommate my husband had here to help ne...

Grandview, MO: 39 miles away
Posted: August 14, 2018

I have always worked 2-3 jobs at a time. I am at a point where I cannot work even one. I make it out of bed only to go to the grocery store and I think I am even going to have to start using that cart...

Kansas City, MO: 41 miles away
Posted: August 14, 2018

I found myself homeless. Through the help of strangers on the net I have found a place to stay that is secure, and through my own determination I found a good job - I've been there for two weeks ...

Independence, MO: 52 miles away
Posted: August 14, 2018

My job/career has slowly been on the decline for the last two years. I thought "persevering" was the answer...but today they turned off our gas and I do not know where else to go. The bill is almost $...

You can also use our website to request help from anonymous donors who browse our site and receive donations via PayPal. Post your story and get help