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Free diapers, clothing, formula plus free and reduced cost daycare services for children of families in need. There are 3 child care programs in the Bandera, Texas area.

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Services: is a safe and trusted conduit that offers families and care providers in Bandera , TX a chance to easily connect, share care giving experiences, and get advice. The company addresses the different care needs a family may go through the life cycle; be it child care, special needs care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more. The service enables families to find and select the best care possible based on detailed profiles, background checks, and references for hundreds of thousands of mom and families.

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Low and reduced cost childcare in Bandera , TX.

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Bandera , TX

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Air Force Aid Society

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The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is the official charity of the United States Air Force incorporated in 1942 as a non-profit organization whose mission is to help relieve financial distress of Air Force members and their families and to assist them in financing their higher education goals.Most AFAS interest-free loans and grants are for short term or one-time emergencies such as food, rent, and utilities. We also help with car repair and emergency travel requirements. Each case, regardless of the request, is treated individually, and the Society will review all requests for assistance and try to help if the assistance falls within the general thrust of the AFAS charter.AFAS programs offered in Colorado include:2011-2012 General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program/General George S. Brown Spouse Tuition Assistance Program. The centerpiece of the Society's education initiatives is the General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program which provides $2000 grants to selected sons and daughters of active duty, Title 10 AGR/Reserve, Title 32 AGR performing full-time active duty, retired, retired reserve and deceased Air Force members; spouses (stateside) of active duty members and Title 10 AGR/Reservists; and surviving spouses of deceased personnel for their undergraduate studies. The purpose of the Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) is to provide partial tuition assistance for spouses of Active Duty airmen or officers, who accompany members to overseas locations and will be attending college programs. The focus of the program is on the completion of degree or certificate programs that provide increased occupational opportunities for spouses. The program provides tuition Assistance (TA) at a rate of 50% of unmet tuition charge per course, with a maximum of $1,500 per academic year and a term maximum, which is calculated by dividing the annual maximum ($1,500) by the number of terms within the academic year. For purposes of this program, "academic year" is defined as the 12-month period beginning August 1 through July 31 of each year.Bundles for Babies. This class offers you a finance piece that focuses on budgeting for your new baby from conception to college years and a chance to find out what support programs are available on-base and in the communities in which they live.Car Care Because We Care. Designed to keep the primary family vehicle of deployed active duty Air Force members in top running condition by providing preventive vehicle maintenance. This maintenance includes oil/filter change, lubrication, and vehicle safety checks on a grant basis. Due to extreme winter weather at some northern bases, winterization requirements may also be included with services.The Child Care for PCS/for Volunteers/Give Parents a Break Program. The Child Care for PCS Program is intended to help relieve some of the stress felt by Air Force families in the process of a PCS move. AFAS will pay for 20 hours of child care (per child) in AF certified Family Child Care homes on base or in AF affiliated homes off base. Families with PCS orders are able to receive a Child Care for PCS Certificate at the base from which they are departing and at their new base. Certificates, which must be used at the base at which they are issued, are good 60 days before the family's departure from their base, and within 60 days after arriving at the new base. Air Force families with PCS orders can obtain a Child Care for PCS Certificate at the base Airman & Family Readiness Center. AFAS helps offset child care expenses for volunteers who support programs which benefit the entire base community. (We are not able to pay for those who volunteer in the Thrift Shop, for fund raising or social activities.) This child care is to be done in AF certified Family Child Care homes on base or AF affiliated homes off base. Families are separated from the military member as well as from extended family who might otherwise offer support. In an effort to help, AFAS, in cooperation with AF Services, funds a monthly "Give Parents a Break" program at most AF child care and youth centers.Phone Home Program. This program makes it possible for the service member to "phone home" to family or friends during deployment and to make emergency contacts when necessary, without added expense to the service member. Additionally, family members at the home base with unique problems may be eligible to receive a card.Respite Care. Respite care allows a "break" a few hours a week or month to families who have the responsibility of 24 hour a day care for an ill or disabled family member living in the household. In addition to respite care, the AFAS may be able to assist your family in other ways. Often out -of-pocket medical expenses put additional strains on an already Respite Care tight budget. We have found that many times merely helping with some past due medical expenses, purchasing some specialized equipment, or just getting you network with a support group, can ease your anxiety.Sammy Rabbit Financial Education Initiative. Sammy Rabbit is a Financial Education initiative initially introduced by AFAS in 2007 to address the spike in financial assistance requests from service members and their families. Offered under AFAS's Community Enhancement programs for Youth/Spouses, this successful initiative targets youth (preschoolers and up) and their families and offers military families a "Savings Message" that contributes to stronger financial education programs nationwide. For more information about "Sammy Rabbit", please visit the Sammy Rabbit website. Spouse Employment Program/Orientation Program. The Spouse Employment Program provides entry-level job training to AD Air Force spouses with the goal being immediate, viable employment. The objective of the Spouse Orientation Program (Heart Link) is to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. Appreciating that spouses play an important role in re-enlistment decisions, therefore impacting retention, a major program goal is to help spouses, especially those with the Air Force five years of less, acclimate to the Air Force/military environment. An on-base volunteer program for high school students and is offered at selected Air Force bases. This program, underwritten by the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS), is a joint effort between AFAS and Air Force Family Member Programs Flight to offer high school students an opportunity to learn valuable work skills, "bank" dollar credits toward their post-secondary education/training, and have a positive impact on their base community.

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Operation Homefront

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(800) 722-6098

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Operation Homefront (OH) provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors Operation Homefront provides direct services to alleviate a military family's or individual's actual/complete emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support. Emergency financial assistance is in the form of checks paid directly to mortgage lenders, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, doctors, dentists and other providers. Other emergency funding assistance, which an applicant receives within 24 to 72 hours, includes the following:

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