Bard, NM
Food Pantries

Food pantries give free food to local residents. There are 2 food pantries in the Bard area.

1 Miles Away

Bard , NM 88411

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Services: is a free web service that allows users in Bard, NM to print coupons for savings on brand name food and general purpose items they use every day. Coupons can be printed on your computer and redeemed at any local grocery store. This service stretches a family's food budget with real savings; making your food dollar go farther. There is no fee for this service and no registration is necessary.

Requires internet connection and printer.

Additional Services:
Reduced cost food in Bard , NM.

Area Served:
Bard , NM

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Life Saver Food Bank Inc

50 Miles Away

PO Box 1476
Clovis, NM 88102
(575) 763-6130

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Distribute food to agencies serving needy, elderly and ill.

They solicit edible food products from local/national sources for distribution to non profit agencies who feed needy, elderly, at risk children, and ill people located in East New Mexico and Texas. They currently have several programs that distribute frozen and canned goods, government surplus, produce and bread.Program:Mobile Food PantryBudget: NaNCategory: Population Served: Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General Program Description: FBENM has five rural agencies receiving monthly deliveries of at least 25 pounds per family. These 25-30 pound boxes provide families with safe and nutritional options from a wide variety of food categories.

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