Barnesville, MD
Food Pantries

Food pantries give free food to local residents. There are 330 food pantries in the Barnesville area.

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Barnesville , MD 20838

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Services: is a free web service that allows users in Barnesville, MD to print coupons for savings on brand name food and general purpose items they use every day. Coupons can be printed on your computer and redeemed at any local grocery store. This service stretches a family's food budget with real savings; making your food dollar go farther. There is no fee for this service and no registration is necessary.

Requires internet connection and printer.

Additional Services:
Reduced cost food in Barnesville , MD.

Area Served:
Barnesville , MD

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Wumco Help

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21140 Beallsville Road
Dickerson, MD 20842
(301) 972-8481

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Offers emergency food, financialassistanceand holiday programs to those in need living in the catchment area.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY FOOD: Available for individuals and families in need. Call for information.2) HOLIDAY ASSISTANCE 2011: CLOSEDo THANKSGIVING: Food baskets offered for anyone in need. Must call first. Sign up Oct 1st (until list is full). Distribution: Week of Thanksgiving. No referral needed. o CHRISTMAS: Food baskets provided to anyone in need and new toys for children. Call first. Sign up starts on 10/1/11- 12/7/11. No referral needed. 3) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Available for evictions, utility turn-offs, water bills, prescriptions, autoexpensesand child day care expenses. 4)TRANSPORTATION: Will provide transportation to medical appointments. Call to schedule a pick-up.HOLIDAY DONATIONS: Accepts food and new toys.

Any resident in need.

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Salvation Army, Montgomery County

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20021 Aircraft Drive
Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 515-5354

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Provides a food pantry, financial assistance and holiday assistance.SERVICES:1) FOOD PANTRY: Client should call ahead. Formula and Ensure sometimes available. Also provides referrals to the local food bank. On Fri, clients can walk-in.2) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: When funds are available, assist with eviction prevention and utility bills. Also helps with water bills (WSSC) and the Washington area Fuel Fund. 3) HOLIDAY ASSISTANCE 2011: ASSISTANCE CLOSED. Registration begins SEPT 7TH-SEPT 30TH, 10AM-3PM. TUESDAYS ONLY. Walk-in to sign up.o THANKSGIVING: Food baskets. Call to sign-up. Client will receive distribution dates when application is filled out CHRISTMAS:

Open to any resident of Montgomery County.

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Germantown Help, Inc.

8 Miles Away

PO Box 608
Germantown, MD 20875
(301) 482-1320

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Germantown HELP serves their neighbors in Germantown, MD by operating an emergency food pantry, providing prescription assistance, diapers and holiday help.

Their emergency food program made over 1,500 deliveries in 2007; they helped to pay for 322 prescriptions; gave away hundreds of packs of diapers; and adminstered the Montgomery County Holiday Giving Project benefiting 680 families for the holidays.

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Damascus Help

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PO Box 126
Damascus, MD 20872
(301) 253-4100

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Offers financial assistance, food, furniture and transportation to residents living in the catchment area.SERVICES: 1) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Persons who have a court-ordered eviction may be eligible for financial assistance, Medical prescription assistance Also provides assistance for utilities (electric, gas, water and oil) and other emergency needs.2) EMERGENCY FOOD: Delivered to persons who live in catchment area.,

Residents in crisis.

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Garden Harvest

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Gaithersburg, MD
(410) 526-0698

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Produces and donates organicfood to emergency food agencies. SERVICES:1) GROWS FOOD: Grows and delivers 100% of the harvest of fresh, organically-grown fruit and vegetables and free-range eggs to the soup kitchens, emergency food pantries, shelters and other not-for-profit organizations.2) RURAL FAMILIES: Donates heifers, goats, chickens and sheep to poor rural families to help families produce edible crops.3) EDUCATION: Educates people about organic gardening/sustainable agriculture including beekeeping & animal husbandry to promote self-sufficiency and personal and community empowerment, as well as to increase long term sustainable food supplies;carpentry, masonry, heavy equipment operation along with other construction & landscaping skills;nutrition and awareness of hunger and homelessness.


Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, emergency food pantries, and other agencies that will distribute food to other organization that provide for those in need.

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Gaithersburg Help

11 Miles Away

431 North Frederick Avenue
Suite 105
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
(301) 216-2510

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Provides food, financial assistance, transportation and baby items to those in need. SERVICES:FOOD,

Anyone in need.

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Manna Food Center, Inc.

11 Miles Away

9311 Gaither Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
(301) 424-1130

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Manna Food Center, a not-for-profit organization, strives to eliminate hunger in Montgomery County through food distribution, education, and advocacy.

Manna’s regular food distribution program feeds nearly 3,200 households each month. Every client is referred to Manna through one of their partnerships with 360 different social agencies and community organizations. Clients pick up food every 30 days at one of Manna’s distribution locations and receive a 3-5 day supply of food including shelf stable items and a box of fresh food items. Program:Smart SacksBudget: NaNCategory: Food, Agriculture & NutritionPopulation Served: Children Only (5 - 14 years) Program Description: In 2007, Manna embarked on a unique distribution program to address the need for food among elementary school children on the weekends. Manna introduced the Smart Sacks initiative which partners Manna, a local businesses and a nearby elementary school. Together they provide the children with a backpacks full of kid-friendly food every Friday so they have food on the weekends when there are no school meals to sustain them.Program:Food Distribution to AgenciesBudget: NaNCategory: Food, Agriculture & NutritionPopulation Served: Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General Program Description: Manna also provides food to 36 Montgomery County agencies including soup kitchens, food pantries, group homes, and emergency shelters throughout Montgomery County. These agencies have very limited funds available to address their client’s needs. When Manna provides the food the agency needs, it allows them to put their dollars to better use addressing the root causes of poverty and hunger. It is a core mission of Manna to help limit the root causes of hunger through education and advocacy and their partnership with these county agencies allows us to further that goal.  

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Children Of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc.

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PO Box 3968
Gaithersburg, MD 20885
(301) 685-3421

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The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund was founded, October 23, 2003 to help support surviving U.S. Military children who have lost a parent in the Afghanistan or Iraq wars by providing them with College Grants. Their College Grant Program has been expanded to include both U.S. Military children and spouses who have either lost a loved one as a result of the Afghanistan or Iraq wars or have a severely disabled parent or spouse who was injured during a deployment to either war. Their second objective is to help the surviving and severely disabled members of these families with financial assistance. Their goal is to award applicants of U.S. Military families that have children under the age of 18, and who are in need of assistance with housing, repairs, utilities, medical expenses, groceries, clothing, school supplies and other expenses deemed necessary in order to provide them with some support and help alleviate their need.

College Scholarships as of March 2008 totals $84,500.00 Financial Assistance as of March 2008 totals $79,558.00 Financial Assistance as of March 2008 for severely wounded totals $91,047.81Program:College Scholarship ProgramBudget: $25,000Category: EducationPopulation Served: Military/Veterans Program Description: College Scholarship Program of the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc. provides educational funding for surviving US military children and spouses as well as severely disabled veterans affected by the wars in the first Gulf War, Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  Applications and all supporting documents are due twice each year in October and May. The awards and amounts are decided upon by the Grant Committee members who follow specific guidelines once an applicant meets the criteria.Program:Financial AssistanceBudget: $25,000Category: HousingPopulation Served: Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.) Program Description: Program provides financial assistance for US military surviving and disabled dependents affected by the first Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq wars who are experiencing financial hardships. Surviving dependents whose parent(s) served in either war, however, died in a non-hostile manner are encouraged to apply for assistance during times of hardship. CFSRF provides assistance with housing, food, clothing, utilities, lodging and travel expenses deemed necessary, relocation assistance, tuition assistance for children in need, medical bills, appliance repairs, necessary household repairs affecting the well-being of dependent children

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St. Paul's Luthern Church, Frederick

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3866 Jefferson Pike
Jefferson, MD 21755
(301) 834-7020

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NOTE: Targets residents in the Jefferson (21755) area of Frederick County, however will help travelers in need when possible. FOOD BANK: Provides a food bank for local families in need. Donations welcomed.

1st & 3rd Saturday of the month.10-11:30AM.

Targets residents in the Jefferson area of Frederick County.

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Frederick County Humane Society

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217 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21703
(301) 694-8300

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Offers an array of pet services to county residents.SERVICE:1) EDUCATIONAL CLASSES: Offers county residents, groups, and schools educational classes for dog obedience and problem solving.2) VETERINARY SERVICES: Offers emergency veterinary assistance, low cost spay and neuter, and a micro-chip program 3) PET FOOD BANK: Offers a small food bank for needy families with pets.4) PET BEREAVEMENT: Offers pet bereavement sessions.5) RESCUE AND CRUELTY ISSUES: Refers pet rescue and animal cruelty issues to animal control.DONATIONS: Canned and dry pet food as well as monetary donations welcomed.

Open to public.

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