Belmont, MS
Financial Assistance

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether you need some free food, diapers for your baby, a quick cash loan, assistance with your rent and utilities, some fresh clothing or a homeless shelter, you'll find the resources in and near Belmont, MS here to help you now.

Food Pantries

Food pantries give free food to local residents. There are 45 food pantries in the Belmont, MS area.

Utility & Rental Assistance

When you need money to pay your rent, utility bills or get through a difficult time, there are 19 utility payment and rental assistance programs in the Belmont, MS area.

Homeless Shelters

Temporary free housing for people in need. There are 1 homeless shelters in the Belmont, Mississippi area.


Programs for free and reduced cost clothes and household goods. There are 15 programs in the Belmont area that offer clothing and other necessities.

Child Care

Free diapers, clothing and free or reduced cost daycare services for children of families in need. There are 2 child care programs in Belmont, Mississippi.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans are quick easy loans for people in financial distress. There are 8 cash loan programs available to residents in the Belmont, Mississippi area.

We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome.
-- R. C. Allen

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Requests For Help

Red Bay, AL: 8 miles away
Posted: August 16, 2018

Within the last two weeks, I have had some unexpected expenses come through my checking account. It is my goal to be able to get my checking account back at a positive standing. My current balance is ...

Fulton, MS: 20 miles away
Posted: August 16, 2018

I am in need of rental assistance for one month, I am currently behind due to auto repairs on my 1999 Dodge Caravan. It is the only vehicle I have to get me to my job which is a 30 mile commute one wa...

Hamilton, AL: 30 miles away
Posted: August 16, 2018

Recently our vechicle got stolen, my husband got attacked by two men and a dog. He received many injuries including two broken ribs and 33 stiches from the dog bites it was a vicious and brutal attack...

Sheffield, AL: 35 miles away
Posted: August 16, 2018

due to unforeseen expenses that could not be put off I am in need of assistance with utilities. Public housing requires utilities be on. I do not have the money to pay. Assistance would be more th...

Sheffield, AL: 35 miles away
Posted: August 16, 2018

I'm a young single mother 25 years old with a 3 and 4 year old. I plan to pay my past due utility bill to have services restored in my home to keep my children warm and not risk my family feeling I am...

You can also use our website to request help from anonymous donors who browse our site and receive donations via PayPal. Post your story and get help