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Joy Community Church

890 Goodman St N
Rochester, NY 14609

(47 Miles Away)
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(585) 288-0030


A multiracial people reaching across generations with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ establishing the family of God as center for wholeness and outreach.

-CHIPS (Christ Helpers in Parental Strife, a ministry for single parents who have been wounded emotionally and spiritually to restore them to wholeness) -Cross Culture (a Hip Hop church service specifically to reach the urban community once a month) -Gerhardt Ministry Center (under construction and development to be a Crisis Pregnacy Center, thrift store, and an ice cream parlor in addition to a recreational center for their youth in the immediate community) -Adopt-a-Block (partners with Compassion Coalition of Rochester (CCR)to distribute food and households items to families in need within their target area)

A "should" is a "have to" with no teeth; it is dead energy.

-- Ruth Ross