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Winona Volunteer Services

402 E 2nd St
Winona, MN 55987

(46 Miles Away)
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(507) 452-5591


- Provides vouchers for emergency assistance in various situations; before a voucher is given an in-depth conversation will take place between the individual and WVS staff to determine individual's circumstances; vouchers may be issued for the items listed alphabetically below: - - - Bicycles: for individuals without transportation who are either looking for work through an employment agency or are currently employed; must agree to forego all future requests for bus passes, gas, etc. - - - Bus passes (city): for work, school, or seeking employment - - - Bus or train tickets: for individuals or families needing a one-way ticket in verified emergency situations; train tickets only issued when bus tickets not viable; for after-hours transportation emergencies contact Law Enforcement Dispatch Center at (507) 457-6368 - - - Clothing: vouchers may be issued for the WVS Clothes Shop; if specific employment-related clothing is required a voucher may be issued for ShopKo - - - Diapers: for parents/guardians experiencing unexpected financial difficulty - - - Emergency food/grocery store: for individuals who have exhausted food stamps, food shelf card, and financial resources - - - Formula: requires a referral from WIC - - - Gas: for individuals working with an employment agency to job search, or experiencing unexpected circumstance such as reduced work hours; must show valid driver's license and current car insurance - - - Household items: a referral from a service provider is required for individuals needing items such as cooking supplies or a doctor-recommended recliner - - - ID replacement: for individuals needing ID to gain employment; requires referral from Workforce Center - - - Mattresses: request will first be placed on winonashares.org listing, if unsuccessful a service provider may make a referral to WVS; must be approved by regional director - - - Miscellaneous: emergency needs for which no other assistance is available; NOTE: utility assistance is NOT available through WVS

Program Hours:- Office/phone hours 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday - Client service hours 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Wednesday, 3 pm - 6 pm Thursday, 10:30 am - 5 pm Friday

Staff must be able to verify that the need for emergency assistance exists; some vouchers require referrals from other agencies (see details in Service Description); serves Winona County

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