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Mountainlands Community Housing

1960 Sidewinder Dr # 107
Park City, UT 84060

Map & Directions

(21 Miles Away - Go to: Park City, UT Financial Assistance)

(435) 647-9719


1. Housing Resource Center - provides one-on-one counseling and assistance in locating and securing housing Maintains an ongoing housing inventory and website Assists in accessing mainstream resources for those needing them Also engages in tenant/landlord mediation and tenant/landlord education.
2. Home Buyer Education - first time home buyer education forums.
3. Self Help Housing - a 20 unit project where potential owners use |sweat equity| vs. cash for down payment costs, assist in building own homes.
4. Transitional Housing - 5 units available for individuals who are homeless Provides case management for these tenants - aiding them in becoming self sufficient.
5. CROWN - rent to own housing for low income residents Call for qualifications...(435) 647-9719.

M - F 8:30 am. - 5 pm


322 E 300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Map & Directions

(22 Miles Away - Go to: Salt Lake City, UT Financial Assistance)

(801) 537-8600


Programs to prevent family violence, to intervene effectively when family violence does occur, and to strengthen the systems and laws designed to increase victim safety and offender accountability.

M - F 8 am - 5 pm (24 hour switchboard and counselors)

VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center

888 400 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Map & Directions

(22 Miles Away - Go to: Salt Lake City, UT Financial Assistance)

(801) 364-0744


1. Meals, emergency food, sleeping bags, toiletries, etc.
2. Showers and laundry facilities.
3. Employment and education resources.
4. Referrals to mental health, substance abuse, and rape counselors.
5. Referrals for medical and dental treatment.
6. Act as an address and phone number for homeless youth seeking employment.
7. Assistance with obtaining identification and housing.
8. Drop-in day center (not an overnight shelter).
9. Street Outreach Program...694-9271
10. Case management services.
11. Transitional living for homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless females ages 16-19 (can be pregnant, but not parenting)...359-5545

M, Tu, Th, F 11:30 am - 7 pm; W 11:30 am - 5:30 pm

Family Support Center

2020 E Lake St
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Map & Directions

(22 Miles Away - Go to: Salt Lake City, UT Financial Assistance)

(801) 955-9110


1. Crisis nursery - immediate, short term (up to 72 hours) care for children 11 and under.
2. Individual, family, and group therapy.
3. Support and education groups/classes.
a. Parent Education Class (English & Spanish)
b. Anger Management Class for Adults
c. Anger Management Class for Teens
d. Improving Self-Esteem
e. A.M.A.C. (Adults Molested as Children)
f. Impact of Sexual Abuse Class
g. Divorce Adjustment Class for Parents and Children
h. Social Skills Group
i. Women's Process Therapy Group
See also Support Group Pages.
4. Sexual Abuse Evaluation.
5. Parent Advocate Program - weekly home-based intervention for families at high risk for abuse or neglect of young children.
6. Outpatient counseling for children who have witnessed domestic violence.
7. LifeStart Village...255-6921
Self sufficiency program and transitional housing for low-income single mothers to move them from homelessness to permanent housing and employment Job training, career counseling, parenting education, and support services for residents and their children.
8. Adoptive respite care for families who have adopted at least one child from the state.

Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm

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