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Womens Infants & Children's

107 Lancaster Cir
Ranson, WV 25438

(45 Miles Away - Go to: Ranson, WV Financial Assistance)

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(304) 725-2028

WIC is for expectant moms and children to age five. WIC provides free nutrition counseling, breast feeding support and nutritious foods.

0900-1700 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 0900-1900 Tuesday

The categories for eligibility are: Pregnant women; Women who are breast feeding an infant (under one year of age); Postpartum women to the sixth month after delivery; Children from birth to five years of age. Income eligibility requires that a household have gross income at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. For a family of four, the Federal Poverty Limit is $32,653 per year. Nutrition risk is any medical or health problem which can be corrected or lessened by proper amounts and types of food intake. Examples of nutrition risk are: Low iron levels; Insufficient growth, i.e. low weight for age, low weight for height; Premature delivery; Inadequate dietary intake (types or amounts of food).

Area Served:
West Virginia

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