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National Migrant Education Hotline

37 Miles Away

State University College @ Oneonta

Oneonta, NY 13820

(800) 234-8848

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The National Migrant Education Hotline is free and accessible to migrant farmworkers and their families anywhere in the United States.The calls are answered by Hotline specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Migrant workers can call the Hotline when they move to get help enrolling their children in school or for other educational services.There are preschool, summer school and high school equivalency programs all around the country and ESCORT can help migrant families access them.

Migrant educators can request promotional items that carry the National Migrant Education Hotline phone number so that families have the number with them as they move. Request forms are available in PDF and MS-Word formats. Instructions on submitting the request are included on the forms.A toll-free service for migrant farm workers and their families to call as they travel around the country.It is operated by ESCORT, based at the State University College in Oneonta, New York.More than 50,000 calls have been registered around the country by migrant families seeking to enroll their children in school as they travel or for other supportive services.

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Migrant families.

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