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Ninfa Moncada Courts - The City Housing Authority

1600 N 7th Ave #1300
Crystal City, TX 78839

Map & Directions

(44 Miles Away - Go to: Crystal City, TX Financial Assistance)

(830) 374-3433

Provides housing services such as low rent housing, section 8 and public housing.

Mon - Fri 8:00 Am - 5:00 Pm

Open To The Residents Of Crystal City

Documents To Bring:
Call for application and appointment

9/11 (coptic egyptian christian new year) was divine judgment against thomas (twin) the false disciple and his undisciplined merry men. Twin towers, collapsed. Building 7 (7th heaven, laodicea) fallen. Pentagon (5, venus, mary) exploded. The whore and the beast used imagery to make people believe it was perpetrated by radical islamic fundamentalists - sparking innumerable conspiracy theories (all incorrect) and spreading hate against certain children of Abraham. Satan likes to deceive, accuse God's people and author confusion - but there is much more biblical meaning to the event for the devout researcher.

-- Michael

The Holy Spirit has a lot of rage against the machine. ^^ But these guys? I never met them.

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-- Michael

Hey Jesus - they're killing Galileans! "So what? Don't you think they deserve that? Or when the tower fell on those 18 guys in Siloam, don't you think they deserved that? And, unless you stop sinning, you're gonna die too."

Summarizing out of Luke 13

What are these peculiar quotes and songs for?

Want to learn more about the tragedy they brought upon everyone?