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US Human Development Services

1197 Main St
Sneedville, TN 37869

Map & Directions

(37 Miles Away - Go to: Sneedville, TN Financial Assistance)

(423) 733-2522

The Mission of Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency, Inc. is to provide education, direction and support to individuals, families, and organizations in order to strengthen and stabilize the community through collaborative efforts of Agency programs and cooperative partnerships.

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-- Mary Anne Radmacher-hershey

The Mooresburg Community

318 McNeil Cir
Mooresburg, TN 37811

Map & Directions

(49 Miles Away - Go to: Mooresburg, TN Financial Assistance)

(423) 293-0073


The Mooresburg Community Association is a non-profit organization serving the residents of Mooresburg by offering a variety of support services to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and others needing assistance.

Family Resource Center

954 E McKinney Ave
Rogersville, TN 37857

Map & Directions

(49 Miles Away - Go to: Rogersville, TN Financial Assistance)

(423) 921-9621

The Hawkins County Family Resource Center can provide you with the following:
- Parenting training
- Workshops for families
- Parent lending library
- Variety of FREE pamphlets and brochure information
- Help with parenting concerns such as:
*Discipline problems
*How to help your child study
*Drug and Alcohol concerns
*Many other topics
- Home visits
- Information & Referral to other agencies
- Food pantry
- Clothes closet

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