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Our Savior's Lutheran Church

68160 S George St
Iron River, WI 54847

Map & Directions

(26 Miles Away - Go to: Iron River, WI Financial Assistance)

(715) 372-8728

Clenched fist traps are for the ridiculously stupid. You can never get what you were after, and you're trapped by your own unwillingness to let go of what you cannot have. I have no respect for those caught in a clenched fist trap.

-- Michael

St. Vincent de Paul Society

216 W Aurora St
Ironwood, MI 49938

Map & Directions

(36 Miles Away - Go to: Ironwood, MI Financial Assistance)

(906) 932-4547

One must be truthful with oneself about one's own motives, especially if one is to survive in the world. It takes rigor, and it takes courage.

-- Alain

Hayward Community Food Shelf Inc

16205 Woodridge Ln
Hayward, WI 54843

Map & Directions

(47 Miles Away - Go to: Hayward, WI Financial Assistance)

(715) 634-4237

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

-- Allen Lakein