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Logan County Department Of Health And Human Resouces.

130 Stratton St
Logan, WV 25601

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(50 Miles Away - Go to: Logan, WV Financial Assistance)

(304) 792-7095


WVDHHR is responsible for the operation of a number of programs that affect families and children. Staff located in county offices are responsible for the day to day delivery of services such as child and adult protective services, foster care, adoption, financial assistance, and food stamps. 24 hour adult and child abuse hotline is 1-800-352-6513

8:30 am - 5pm

-Those under age 18 who are legally emancipated andAPSElderly.jpg -Adults age 18 and older -Who are functionally disabled due to a mental or physical disability -Living in their own home or a residential facility, such as a nursing home, personal care home, residential board and care home or adult family care home

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