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Orutsararmiut Native Council

117 Katie Hately Ln
Bethel, AK 99559

Map & Directions

(1 Mile Away )

(907) 543-2608

(800) 478-2654


Provides a heating assistance benefit to eligible households for home heating expenses.

Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm.

Native and non-Native residents in Bethel who meet income guidelines. Households eligible for assistance are not eligible for benefits under the State Heating Assistance Program. If not a resident of Bethel, apply with the State of Alaska.

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Here's a bee movie they got while misusing and abusing a certain name (Michael Judge).

-- Michael

How does everyone like their Maga brand jaffa flavored Brawndo?

It's funny because it's true, and I heard it made 250 shekels at the box office. Only the reality of the situation isn't funny at all. The real situation is the story of the rich man and lazarus, previously a potentiality, but now rapidly becoming a reality. That's what this song is about.

That awkward and uncomfortable moment when you learn how shit-all stupid you actually are.

They asked me to tell them how stupid they are. They are so stupid they didn't even know I already told them how stupid they are.

'The courtroom was adjourned, no verdict was returned' means you avoided your judgment - the song means your purgatorial existence becomes hell, God is abandoning you and never coming back. When God abandons you, He removes His music and His water, His lights, His Name and everything else that is His. Enjoy your Brawndo and enjoy your lifeless eternity of satan's lies and broken promises while you bow down to his sick, twisted and perverted whims.

(Yeah - news flash. Everyone is in purgatory, having been reincarnated ad nauseum, in hopes they would learn. You have to be judged in order to get out.) That's why He said:

But if you do not aphiémi, your Father in heaven will not aphiémi you.

Don't worry about me, I'll find my own way out.

What are these peculiar quotes and songs for?

Want to learn more about the tragedy they brought upon everyone?