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Sharon Social Services Agent

63 Main St
Sharon, CT 06069

Map & Directions

(32 Miles Away - Go to: Sharon, CT Financial Assistance)

(860) 364-1003

To bring one's self to a frame of mind and to the proper energy to accomplish things that require plain hard work continuously is the one big battle that everyone has. When this battle is won for all time, then everything is easy.

-- Thomas A. Buckner

Salisbury General Assistance

30 Salmon Kill Rd
Lakeville, CT 06039

Map & Directions

(34 Miles Away - Go to: Lakeville, CT Financial Assistance)

(860) 435-5187

Falls Village Elderly Services

107 Main St
Falls Village, CT 06031

Map & Directions

(38 Miles Away - Go to: Falls Village, CT Financial Assistance)

(860) 824-9855

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

-- Thomas Alva Edison

Construct Inc

41 Mahaiwe St
Great Barrington, MA 01230

Map & Directions

(44 Miles Away - Go to: Great Barrington, MA Financial Assistance)

(413) 528-1985

The Salvation Army

15 Foster St
Danbury, CT 06810

Map & Directions

(46 Miles Away - Go to: Danbury, CT Financial Assistance)

(203) 792-7505

Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.

-- Syrus

Social Services

400 Main St
Ridgefield, CT 06877

Map & Directions

(49 Miles Away - Go to: Ridgefield, CT Financial Assistance)

(203) 431-2777

Redding Social Services

9 Cross Hwy
Redding, CT 06896

Map & Directions

(49 Miles Away - Go to: Redding, CT Financial Assistance)

(203) 938-3580

Clenched fist traps are for the ridiculously stupid. You can never get what you were after, and you're trapped by your own unwillingness to let go of what you cannot have. I have no respect for those caught in a clenched fist trap.

-- Michael

FISH / Friends in Service to Humanity

332 S Main St
Torrington, CT 06790

Map & Directions

(50 Miles Away - Go to: Torrington, CT Financial Assistance)

(860) 496-1648

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