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Millions of people qualify for Social Security benefits, and don't collect them, because they haven't tried.

You Do Not Have To Be Of Retirement Age To Collect Social Security.

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They'll talk to you about your situation and and let you know whether or not you already qualify for Social Security benefits up to $2,671 per month.

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Grace United Methodist Church

2950 Spruce Dr
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Map & Directions

(1 Mile Away)

(307) 634-7472


Emergency financial assistance available on a limited basis for items such as rent assistance and utility assistance. Each participating family can receive assistance once per year and there may be a waiting list. The church schedules 1 person per week and the wait list only schedules out one month at a time. Funds for approved individuals go out within 1 week after the appointment.

8:30am-12:30pm Monday thru Thursday

Catholic Charities

460 Linden Center Dr
POB 2262
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Map & Directions

(43 Miles Away)

(970) 484-5010


Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Denver: Larimer County OperationsCatholic Charitiesoffices' in Fort Collins and Loveland serve thousands of men, women, and families in Larimer County each year. The organization serves people regardless of age, faith, race, or social status. Catholic Charities is dedicated to meeting the challenges that confront families and individuals in the community. Their mission is:As the charitable arm of the Archdiocese of Denver, and inspired by God's love and compassion, Catholic Charities extends the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the poor and those in need. Ministries include The Mission Hostel of Hospitality, a shelter for people experiencing homelessness, a Hospitality Kitchen that serves daily lunches and weekend breakfasts to the community, Emergency Assistance programs that provide help with utilities, prescriptions, bus passes, and identification cards, Senior assistance programs that include case management, a Transitional Housing program for veterans, and a Day shelter Program.

Will vary according to program or service. Call 970-484-5010 for more information.