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Central Nebraska Community Services

715 16th St
Central City, NE 68826

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(40 Miles Away)

(308) 946-3794


Food Pantry Can Be Used Only Once A Month And Up To Four Times Per Year. Offers Donated Food, Household Items, And Personal Items, Including Diapers.

Mon-Thu 8 am-5:30 pm by appointment only

Call for information

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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

1800 Syracuse Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701

Map & Directions

(42 Miles Away)

(402) 371-8834


HIGHER EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING SUPPORT provides funding for tuition, books, and fees for students attending full or part-time anywhere in the United States; funding is need based; GPA requirement is 2.0; graduate and post-graduate support is considered for full or part-time students for a maximum of four semesters, and the GPA requirement must be met as specified by the program of study

YOUTH INITIATIVES PROGRAM includes an art contest, attendance incentive, essay/poetry contest, senior incentive, and student of the month/year

JOHNSON O'MALLEY PROGRAM collaborates with the public school system and parents to encourage student academic achievement and create cultural awareness within the community; generally, funds are utilized to pay for the Coordinator's services, purchase basic school supplies, supplement parent-cost items, and to cover costs for the year-end banquet recognizing seniors and the achievements of all K-12 students in the area; the program is open to all Native American students who are residents of Madison County and can provide proof of enrollment with a tribe

JOB EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM (JEP) prepares Tribal members for competitive employment by offering skill and personal interest assessments, personal career advisement, group support, a personalized portfolio, and a financial award; career enhancement skill training includes interview skills, resume writing, money management, computer training, leadership skills, etc.

CHILDCARE ASSISTANCE provides income eligible clients with financial daycare assistance for children ages 0-12 while parents are working or attending school; recipient must be free from DHHS sanctions and past due daycare bills; eligibility is reviewed every four months

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ADVOCACY provides crisis/emergency services for victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking; services include case management, shelter referral and placement, protection order applications, legal/court advocacy, and initial financial assistance during an emergency (based on availability of funding - might include legal fees, rent/utility assistance, diapers, lock changes, food, etc.)

CASE MANAGERS assist families and individuals experiencing a personal crisis; information and referrals provided for a variety of needs; direct services include budgeting, funeral assistance, elder care services, and application/forms assistance for tribal and government programs

ASSISTANCE FOR FAMILIES provides advocacy for families with government agencies, Child Protective Services, courts, probation, foster placements, etc., parenting skills development, home visits, and court recommendations; transportation is available to and from appointments as outlined in state and/or Tribal case plans; includes transportation for employment, housing, behavioral health services, referrals, court, DHHS, and other agencies; transportation requires 24 hour notice and is based on availability

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH offers drug and alcohol evaluations, individual counseling services, referrals for residential treatment, and psychological evaluations; adult talking circles available in Omaha and Lincoln once per week

YOUTH PREVENTION PROGRAM offers education for youth on the dangers of alcohol and drugs; weekly groups and talking circles are offered, as well as a yearly summer camp and various activities throughout the month; incentives are offered

COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES provides outreach health care and health promotion/disease prevention to residents of Madison County; includes home, hospital, and office visits; health and safety education; transportation in Norfolk and to/from Santee and Winnebago Indian Health Services Facilities for appointments; making appointments; and calling in and delivering prescriptions; a 24 hour notice is required for transportation

CONTRACT HEALTH SERVICES funds assist Tribal members in payment of health care when no other source is available, or supplements other resources when they are exhausted; payer of last resort for up to two primary medical visits per year, specialized services, vision services, emergency services, prescriptions (in some cases), dental services, annual required physicals for youth, and immunizations; elderly ages 65 and over are eligible for all services listed regardless of their coverage

DIABETES PROGRAM offers exercise facilities and programs and community activities; provides a nurse foot clinic, nutrition consultation, diabetic nursing assessments, and education classes; funding may be available for glucose testing supplies, youth activity scholarships, eye exams, and orthopedic shoes

PONCA TRIBAL COURT is an independent branch of government and operates its own Court, which includes an Intertribal Court of Appeals; handles civil matters such as divorce, child custody, name changes, adoption, child support, and guardianship

INDIAN CHILD WELFARE ACT covers enrolled or eligible to enroll unmarried children under age 18; children are eligible to be enrolled if one biological parent is a registered member of a federally recognized tribe; proceedings covered include foster care placements, termination of parental rights, pre-adoptive placement, and adoptive placement

PONCA EXPRESS provides transportation for rural areas for needs such as health care, social services, recreation, education, and public services; operates on a first come, first served basis

TRIBAL YOUTH COUNCIL provides leadership development opportunities for youth ages 14-21; they may participate in Tribal/community events and the Circle of Nations Youth Council

TRIBAL YOUTH PROGRAM provides support services to Native American youth ages 7-17 who have become involved in the juvenile justice system; services may include home and school monitoring, cultural activities, prevention activities, and family support

CHAFFEE PROGRAM provides assistance with independent living services for Nebraska youth (generally ages 16-21) who may be aging out of the state foster care system

Life Choices

1835 E Military Ave # 101
Fremont, NE 68025

Map & Directions

(45 Miles Away)

(402) 721-5551


Pregnancy Screening Tests.lay Counseling.post Abortion Trauma Healing Program (path).adoption Resource Information.std Information And Education.assistance With Miscellaneous Baby Items, Including Diapers.prenatal/parenting Classes.

Tue-Thu 10 am-5 pm

No restrictions

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