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Stewart County Community Medical

1021 Spring St
Dover, TN 37058

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(49 Miles Away)

(931) 232-5329


A federally-funded program that provides nutrition education and food vouchers for pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children younger than age five who cannot afford an adequate diet and, in the case of infants older than six weeks of age, who have a condition which shows a need for better nutrition. Vouchers are picked up at a WIC site (which are usually located in an health center that provides maternity and/or pediatric care) on a monthly basis and may be exchanged for milk, cheese, eggs, cereal, juice, vegetables, peanut butter, beans and formula in most grocery stores.

Pregnant women and children under age five

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Users can get a free disability benefits evaluation now by completing the form. The one page submission can entitle users to up to $2,861/month in Social Security Benefits.