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Millions of people qualify for Social Security benefits, and don't collect them, because they haven't tried.

You Do Not Have To Be Of Retirement Age To Collect Social Security.

It's easier to qualify for social security benefits than it is to fill out all the paperwork and figure out the process of how to obtain them. That's where these guys can help.

So please, continue looking for rent and/or utility assistance, and I hope you find what you need on this website. But don't leave without clicking this link and filling out the online form.

They'll talk to you about your situation and and let you know whether or not you already qualify for Social Security benefits up to $2,671 per month.

It costs you nothing to talk to them and they'll work for you to get you the benefits you deserve. Plus, I make a few dollars when you complete the form.

Hertford County Social Services

704 N Main St
Winton, NC 27986

Map & Directions

(41 Miles Away)

(252) 358-7830


The Hertford County Department of Social Services provides the following services out of the Ahoskie office:

Special Assistance to Adults
Medical Transportation
Adult Care Home Case Management
Adult Protective Services
Adult Foster Care
Adult Day Care/Day Health
In-Home Aide Services
Guardianship Services
Services for the Blind
Community Alternatives Program (CAP) for Disabled Adults and Children
Child Support Enforcement
Work First
Qualified Substance Abuse Professional
Employment Services
Transportation Assistance
Child Day Care Subsidies
Crisis Intervention Program (CIP)
Domestic Violence Screening

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Hertford County residents, income based.

Documents To Bring:
Contact the office for specific applications

Gates Emergency Ministries

252 NC-37
Gates, NC 27937

Map & Directions

(47 Miles Away)

(252) 357-6599

Provides rent and utility assistance WHEN FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Gates county residents, income verification. Rent and Utility assistance can be provided only WHEN FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE.

Documents To Bring:
Forms to fill out, must meet income qualifications

Pinellas County Department Of Human Services

647 1st Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Map & Directions

(47 Miles Away)

(727) 582-7781


We May Provide:
-Limited vendor payment toward rent.
-Limited utility assistance for Section 8 residents only.

For Families with children only - UNLESS 100% disabled (proof required via doctor's statement) if you have no children in your custody.

8:00a-5:00p, Monday-Friday.

Must have legal custody of a child, unless client is 100% disabled (proof required).
Applicant Must Provide:
-Social Security Cards for all family members.
-Proof of Identity (driver's license, birth certificate).
-Proof of residency (rent receipt, utility bills, school/employment records, local Food Stamp card).
-If born outside the United States, proof of legal residency.
-Proof of income for past 60 days or longer (pay stubs, proof of child support/alimony, award letters from SSA, Veterans, Workers' or Unemployment Comp, or proof of self-employment income).
-Proof of current assets (bank/credit union statements, CDs, retirement funds, cash value of life insurance, stocks, bonds, trust funds, non-homestead property, etc.)
If no income, a support statement from the family or friends who have been helping you.
-Proof of how your past 30 days income was spent.
-Status of any other assistance you have applied for (TANF, SSI/SSA, Unemployment, Workers' Comp, Victim of Crimes, etc.)
-Status of any pending legal action.
-Proof of 100% disability (doctor's statement) if you have no children in your custody.
-Referral from Children & Families if you have children and are pending Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
-Proof of children in your immediate family.
-Proof of financial eligibility.

Documents To Bring:
Client may contact; must provide required documentation.

Gates County Social Services Department

122 Main St
Gatesville, NC 27938

Map & Directions

(50 Miles Away)

(252) 357-0075


This program assists eligible households in a heating or cooling related crisis An application is required.

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Gates County residents; income must be verified.

Documents To Bring:
Must complete an application.