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Cabell-Huntington Health Department

703 7th Ave
Huntington, WV 25701

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(29 Miles Away)

(304) 523-6483


TOLL-FREE NUMBERS (WV Dept. of Health and Human Resources): Maternal, Child and Family Health (including family planning): 800-642-8522 Pediatric Services: 800-642-9704 AIDS & Venereal Disease Hotline: 800-642-8244 PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING DIVISION (Ext. 239): Infectious disease investigation. Home Visits to assess public health issues. INFECTION CONTROL/ EPIDEMIOLOGY SERVICES (Ext. 213): Infectious disease investigation within Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, Mason, Mingo and Logan Co. CLINIC SERVICES (Ext. 232): > Immunizations: Includes DtaP, HIB, Adult DT, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B, Pneumococcal, Varicella. Tuberculosis testing is provided. (Immunizations for travel available for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, injectable Polio and Tetanus/Diptheria - costs vary. Other vaccines may be available by special order at the patient's request.) Children's Immunization Clinic Hours (For uninsured and under-insured children): Tues. 9 am-11 am, Fri. 1 pm-3 pm. 2nd & 4th Mon. 4 pm-7 pm. Satellite Immunization Clinic at Milton Municipal Bldg 2nd & 3rd Wed. 1-3 pm. > Travel Immunization Clinic: Thurs. 1-3 pm > Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic: Tues. 2 pm, Thurs. 3 pm > Pregnancy Testing: Mon. & Fri. 8 am-11 am for diagnosis, counseling, and referrals. > Family Planning Clinic (ext. 244) Free birth control provided for Marshall University students and participants meeting state guidelines. Appointments required. Several choices of birth control devices provided, including sterilization procedures for those who qualify. > Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Program by appointment for women who don't need birth control supplies. Free pap smear and a clinical breast exam for women over 25 yrs. who do not have a medical card, health insurance or cannot meet their insurance deductible. Arrangements for a mmogram can be made for those who qualify. > Adult Health Screening by appointment > HIV Testing & Counseling (confidential) by appointment. May be anonymous at the client's request. > Tuberculosis Clinic and chest x-ray 1st & 3rd Thurs. by appointment > Hepatitis Testing: Call for appointment. > Blood titers to improve immunity. Mon. 9 am-3 pm to determine if the client is immune to Rubella, Varicella, or Hepatitus B. Costs vary. DENTAL SERVICES (Ext. 215): > Services for children: including education on the proper techniques of brushing/flossing, the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco, and provides products for the fluoride rinse program. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH (Ext. 217): > Inspections: of septic tanks, restaurant, day care centers, swimming pools, well inspections, water samples, indoor air pollution, nuisance complaints, housing complaints and other environmental health controls. > Food handlers training $3/course, with preregistration required. Provides permits for childcare centers, food handlers and restaurants. TOBACCO PREVENTION PROGRAM, REGION II: Serves Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, Mason, Mingo, and Logan Counties. OTHER SERVICE HOUSED IN CABELL-HUNTINGTON HEALTH CENTER > American Cancer Society 523-7989 > Huntington Pediatric Clinic 522-3055

Valley Health - Wayne WIC

42 Mcginnis Dr
Wayne, WV 25570

Map & Directions

(30 Miles Away)

(304) 272-3951


health screening and referral, nutritional counseling for prenatal women, breastfeeding counseling and assistance. Ed classes on prenatal nutrition, feeding children and infants, how to breastfeed and other nutrition and health topics


income guidelines or medical card